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Shoutcast Playlist Downloader is an application that can download free playlists from radios so that you may listen to any program that allows iTunes, QuickTime Player, Real Player, Winamp, XBMC, or VLC media player XMPlay.

The operation of the program is very simple and does not even require installation: only you must choose the genres in that interest you the most. There are more than 260 different genres (sports, extreme sports, country music, Korean music, etc..), Choose the directory download and click on the button that says "download. pls."

You also have options such as setting maximum and minimum bitrate or if you want the compression to MP3 or ACC +. This allows you to better filter the stations that you want to hear, something very necessary in view of the huge amount of choices out there.

Shoutcast Playlist Downloader is a great tool for fans of the radio and music in general, and thanks to it, it will be a snap to hear exactly what they want.
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